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Inner Gippsland

Call for industry to submit research topics

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The Inner Gippsland Children and Youth Area Partnership is recruiting our second round of sponsored PhD candidates to join the Collaborative Research Initiative with Federation University. We are seeking the assistance of partnership members and other agencies in the Gippsland area to identify important local issues that are important to study and will inform our work.

Submissions are due by 12 September 2018. Please outline your research proposal on the attached form and submit to Sue Yell at Federation University:  

Please tell us: 

  • What issue or problem would you like to have more detailed knowledge of? 
  • What knowledge would make a useful contribution to your work? 
  • What’s a problem you keep encountering, and feel like you don’t have the answers to? 
  • Does this issue/problem/knowledge gap just affect your agency, or do you feel that there are other agencies who would like work done on this? 

The Collaborative Research Initiative

The Inner Gippsland Area Partnership has established the Collaborative Research Initiative with Federation University to advance research in key priority areas that address vulnerability of children, young people and families in the Bass Coast, Baw Baw, Latrobe City and South Gippsland area. 
The Research Initiative provides the opportunity for practitioners to enhance their collective knowledge to inform practice, build regional workforce capability, and influence policy and service design. The research will also support organisations to design, implement and evaluate evidence-informed interventions, promote cross-sector collaboration and generate evidence-informed approaches to supporting vulnerable children, young people and families.

PhD candidates are awarded industry-sponsored scholarships to undertake their research. Scholarships have already been awarded to local candidates to undertake research in the following areas: 

  • Engaging Young People living in out-of-home care as decision-makers and leaders to bring about attitudinal, organisational and systemic change in out-of-home care
  • Improving, embedding and sustaining the trauma-informed practice of practitioners
  • Exploring if identifying, engaging and supporting young people early reduces offending
  • Exploring why vulnerable families fall out of the system and/or disengage from family

Further Information

For more information about the Collaborative Research Initiative, please contact Sue Yell at Federation University

P: (03) 5122 6442

For more information about the Inner Gippsland Children and Youth Area Partnership, please contact Regina Kalb


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