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Inner Gippsland

What we do

Our vision 

All children in Inner Gippsland will have a GREAT Start for a BRIGHT Future

To achieve this the Inner Gippsland  Children and Youth Area Partnerships acts as a catalyst for enabling innovation and leveraging efforts in the system to improve outcomes for our children, young people and families.

By 2030 we will increase the number of children in Inner Gippsland who are developmentally on track when they start school.

Our priorities

These are the activities that we are collectively supporting:

Grow up in safe and supportive homes and communities

Engaged and participating in learning

Supported by strong and confident families, communities and services

Our approach

We are committed to working together to address the systemic and local factors that contribute to the experiences of vulnerability of children, young people and their families. We use the following principles to guide us:

  • Engage diverse partners and perspectives
  • Embrace failure and setbacks as opportunities to learn
  • Build and cultivate adaptive leadership skills
  • Focus on service system and community building strategies
  • Co-create and implement with cross-sector and community partners
  • Build a culture that fosters relationships, trust and respect
  • Connect and add value to existing activities
  • Customise for local context and the unique characteristics
  • Use data and evidence to continuously learn, adapt, improve and questions
  • Ensure the voice of children, young people and families is heard.

If you would like more information, or want to get involved, please contact us.