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Inner Gippsland

My views

Children and young people in out-of-home care consistently report that they are not adequately consulted about key decisions made about their lives. We want to build a local service system that respects and listens to them. 

We have co-designed a booklet called My Views  to ensure that:
•    the voice of children and young people is heard in meetings planning for their care
•    families, carers and workers involved in a child’s life will know the child’s views
•    children's views are used to inform decisions 
•    children and young people are advised of the decisions made.

What is the impact so far?

The work has:

•    identified children who were not feeling safe
•    supported the child’s voice in court
•    changed case plan directions or helped when they were 'stuck'
•    empowered children
•    put the voice of the child at the centre of the plan
•    provided an ice breaker in sometimes difficult meetings.

What we have heard:
“It is giving the power to young people and they are being heard.”
 “It has put the voice of children back on the table.”
“It has been great to give the case plan a clear direction and sometimes a new direction.”
“A valuable and powerful tool for capturing the voice.”

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