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Inner Gippsland

Innovation bootcamp

The Inner Gippsland Innovation Bootcamp was a one day event focused on designing a better care system for children and young people in our area.

We had over 100 people from diverse areas including young people, carers, service provider and service creators that attend the day to set the shared agenda.

The aim of the day was to:

  • facilitate discussions and activities between young people, carers and service providers
  • stretch our collective view of the care system for the Inner Gippsland Area, and
  • develop new insights and opportunities that we can look at implementing together.

The Innovation Bootcamp was about helping us all to see the care system as a whole by bringing together all the key players across the system. 

'The lived experience research has been really important in generating a light bulb moment – exposing people to the lived experience really got people to shift.' (CYAP leadership group member)

'The Bootcamp helped me to be able to do things and to be proud of who we are. Sometime people think that being in care we are dropkicks, but we got to show important people that we can participate and demonstrate what we can achieve. It was great to have our input into every part of the process.' (Young person involved in Bootcamp)