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Inner Gippsland

Building a research and evidence hub

In October 2016 the Inner Gippsland Children and Youth Area Partnership launched the Collaborative Research Initiative, in conjunction with Federation University Australia, to:

  • advance and apply research knowledge
  • build communities of practice
  • support organisations to design, implement and evaluate evidence-informed interventions.

The vision is to build a learning community geared to reducing the vulnerability of children, young people and families and to support our understanding of what makes a difference.

The research projects are based on our areas of priority, beginning with four fully funded Higher Degree by Research scholarships on:

  • engaging young people living in out-of-home care as decision-makers and leaders to bring about attitudinal, organisational and systemic change in out-of-home care
  • improving, embedding and sustaining trauma-informed practice
  • exploring if identifying, engaging and supporting young people early reduces offending
  • exploring why vulnerable families fall out of the system and/or disengage from family services.

We hope to continue to add  more scholarships and projects to the initiative, including to establish a local research hub so we can further advance and apply research locally and build our local research capacity and skills.

Collaborative Research Initiative