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Inner Gippsland

Our taskforces

The following taskforces work to guide and achieve under our priorities:

Grow up in safe and supportive homes and communities

  • Youth @ Risk: reducing the number of young people at risk of entering the justice system

Engaged and participating in learning

  • Aboriginal Early Years: increase participation of Aboriginal families in early years services
  • Data and Measurement: develop tools and skills that will support the Inner Gippsland area to define, measure, learn from, coordinate and continuously improve effort (not yet established)
  • Early Years: ensure all vulnerable children are participating and supported by early childhood services

Supported by strong and confident families, communities and services

  • Putting Trauma on the Map: enable all adults who engage with children, young people and families can identify signs of developmental trauma and respond appropriately
  • Health Care that Counts: improve the care for vulnerable children in health services
  • Research and Evidence: advance research and support the adoption of evidence-based practice
  • Baw Baw Family-Friendly: ensure all children thrive in their first 1000 days
  • Korumburra Project: ensure all children thrive in their first 1000 days
  • The Journey - Latrobe City: ensure all children thrive in their first 1000 days

If you would like more information, or want to get involved in these Taskforces, please contact us.